School Groups & Enviro Science

Learn in the heart UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Education in the Wild

Long Point Eco-Adventures provides a unique venue for the optimal interactive learning experience. The thriving plant-life and ecosystems that co-exist on our Turkey Point resort and surrounding wetlands are the perfect backdrop for genuine engagement. All of our educational programs are manufactured to comply with curriculum standards, and are easily customizable to suit each group's specific needs.

We are currently developing programming for 2023 season Reach out to for a quote.  

Facilities & Learning Spaces

Long Point Eco-Adventures is fully equipped with a plethora of diversified learning spaces. We have 'outdoor classrooms' over-looking the Turkey Point Marsh; an amphitheatre for team-building or science-based presentations; a large covered pavilion for groups to socialize or enjoy meals together; and lastly, our observatory tower for those keen in astronomical discovery. Our expansive spaces can accommodate up to 60 students in a full day program. Begin your adventure towards superior learning today!


School Trip Options

We are currently working on generating 1/2 day and full day options for school groups.  Stay tuned for further details, or email our office to inquire about a specialized program.

If you would like to see the options from previous seasons, continue reading.

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