Our Policies

All you need to know about cancellation fees, and over-night policies.




Cancellations or re-bookings can be made up to 48 hours prior to your tour or stay. Fees associated with re-scheduling or cancelling your booking are listed below. There are no refunds for cancellations or re-bookings made within 48 hours of your tour or stay.

Rebooking Fees:

Rebooking activity, room or package - $10 flat rate 


Cancellation Fees:

Activity Cancellation - $10/person for each activity 

Room Cancellation - $25/night 

Package Cancellation (any room with activity) - $50/night 



Quiet time in our accommodations area is 11:00 pm. Please move to our communal campfire area at
11:00pm if you wish to stay up after this time. A fine of $100 will be incurred if excessive noise or
complaints occur after 11:00pm in the areas of our accommodations. Our night staff will inform you if you need to quiet down or move to the campfire area. Long Point Eco-Adventures reserves the right to request any person or group of people acting unruly and contrary to rental regulations to leave the premises. Assistance from law enforcement agencies may be acquired if this request is not met immediately.


There is no smoking allowed in our accommodations at Long Point Eco Adventures. Guests are asked to smoke only in the Main Parking Lot area. Accommodations that have been smoked in, or smell of smoke will incur a minimum fine of $200.


Should housekeeping find any rooms damaged, items broken, or missing, Long Point Eco Adventures reserves the right to charge up to $500 in damage or clean-up fees.


Check out is at 11:00 am on the day of your departure. If guests stay in their accommodations later than 11:00, a late checkout fee of $20 will be added.


By signing below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the above policies. You are also stating that you have received your room key and that you will return it to the Welcome Center upon checkout of your accommodations. Any key that is not returned will be a $50 charge.


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Check-in: 4:00PM
Check-out: 11:00AM
*late check-out available for an additional $20, at 1:00pm.