Resort History & Heritage

Est. 2009

An Owner's Vision

Long Point Eco-Adventures was conceived by virtue of the owners' - Dave Pond and Mike McArthur - respect and adoration for the flora, fauna, ravines, and unique shorelines of the Long Point Biosphere Reserve. There was a distinct shared interest in naturalizing and restoring a 37 acre tobacco farm--a hidden gem overlooking the beauty of the Turkey Point Marsh. After completing various ecological studies in partnership with wildlife experts, a plan was derived that would allow guests to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, while sustaining the ecosystems and habitats that thrive here.


From the history of our land and the unprecedented architecture of our building, to the people who work and visit, Long Point Eco-Adventures has become environmentally responsible, and sustainable in all our endeavours. We strive to showcase the natural abundance of our land through the collective resourcefulness, enthusiasm, intelligence, and imagination of our great team.


Our Mission Statement:

To respect and promote the abundance of nature and the human spirit


Bird Species


Plant Species


Hectares of Biosphere Reserve

Staff Culture & Customer Satisfaction 

We have become an anchor and a preferred destination for eco-tourism in Norfolk County, and Ontario. We are a leader in  sustainable tourism that authentically believes nature is neature.  Our strong dedication to providing enriching wildlife programs attracts school and youth groups annually, as well as Corporate entities looking for a nature escape. Long Point Eco-Adventures has become not only a place to unwind, but a preferred location to learn & grow with wildlife. Whether it be customer satisfaction, thrilling activities, or a breath-taking view, Long Point Eco-Adventures always delivers.

Our staff and management team contribute to the environmentally conscious culture of Long Point Eco-Adventures. New staff are swiftly exposed to the importance of sustainable tourism, and the business practices involved in preserving the opulent & lively biosphere reserve. Staff training focuses on safety and team work, with a strong emphasis on delivering the optimal guest experience. It is important that our guests enjoy the surroundings just as much as we do. 


Timeline of Events

Take a look at our journey in becoming the most exclusive wilderness destination that Southwestern Ontario has to offer.



The plan

Two years spent working with skilled architects and outdoor enthusiasts resulted in the most intricate zip-line course Ontario has ever seen. This was the beginning of something spectacular.



Wilderness Lodging

With the introduction of the Wilderness Suites, we could offer our guests a complete vacation getaway, fully equipped with plush king beds.

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Hometown Brew Co. Partnership

Hometown Brew Co. begins and completes the construction of their microbrewery & SeaCan on the Long Point Eco-Adventures property. Guests are now able to indulge in a local craft beer, over-looking the Turkey Point Marsh.

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zip bridge


Zip Course Opens

Long Point Eco-Adventures launches its 2.5 hour guided tour, fully equipped with 8 separate zips, 2 suspension bridges, a 40 foot rappel, and 13 observational platforms.

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Introduction of the Pods

Long Point Eco-Adventures partners with The Algonquin Pod Company to offer guests an immaculate glamping experience. Featuring hardwood floors and a private deck, traditional camping could never compete.

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Marshview Patio & Joy Coffee Nook

For the first time in the Spring of 2019, the Marshview Patio opened its doors in collaboration with Joy Bakery. The menu features a combination of local beers & wines, as well as tasteful dishes from our very own, Chef Shelli.

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Observatory Opens for Stargazing

Being in one of the darkest points in Southern Ontario, we installed a 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and dome that became one of Canada's newest public astronomical observatories.

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Mabee Marsh Property

Owner's Dave & Mike purchased the Mabee Marsh Cabin, located on the bluffs of the Turkey Point Marsh. The rustic decor accentuates local flair and culture, while offering guests yet another outstanding option for accommodation.

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Up & Coming Expansion

In the fall of 2019, we are beginning the construction on our new restaurant & bar facility. The building will feature a full kitchen, optimal lounging space, and an extended menu.