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Ontario's Ultimate Wilderness Experience

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Our trails are now open for hiking & biking!
Come and explore the great outdoors and grab a tasty meal from the Marshview Patio Food Truck
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How are you keeping busy during social distancing?

We want to hear about all of the creative ways you're keeping busy and connected at home. Feel free to share recipes, virtual experiences, or eco-friendly craft ideas that other adventurers would enjoy.

Either tag @longpointecoadv on social media with the hashtag #lpfun, or send us an email at info@lpfun.ca to share your story!

Glamping in Turkey Point

Getting Ready for the Summer Ahead

Included with your stay:

Breakfast Buffet

Free Over-night Parking

Access to Adventure Tours

Free Unlimited Wi-Fi


Our Sister Company, the Burning Kiln Winery is Right Across the Road!

The exquisite Burning Kiln Winery is a tobacco industry-inspired vineyard & winemaker's haven, complete with an outdoor patio that features local delicacies. There are over ten wineries and breweries to explore in Norfolk County. Visit the 'Toast to the Coast' website to find out more information about wine & beer hotspots.

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