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Donation Request Application Information


We do not donate to for-profit events.
Here at Long Point Eco-Adventures, we are committed to assisting the fundraising efforts of registered charities and non-profit organizations which focus on: community enrichment, active living, outdoor education, and the restoration of our environment.

How do you apply for a donation?

Due to the extensive number of requests we receive, we are unable to commit to all inquiries, as much as we would love to. Those whom are in need of a donation, please submit the Donation Request Form located at the bottom of the page prior to our annual deadline, or your request will not be considered. A representative will be in contact with you in the event that your application meets our specific requirements. 

Donation request applications must be received before March 1st of 2022. We require that you provide us with the following information: 

  1. Brief description of the event (including date, location, number of attendees)
  2. Beneficiary of proceed
  3. Charitable registration number (if applicable)
  4. Contact name, phone number and mailing address

When processing all Donation Requests, Long Point Eco-Adventures will take into consideration the following:

  • The type of event and location
  • The impact the event will have on our local community
  • Demographics and number of attendees
  • Alignment with our core values, the use of our facility for a corporate retreat or school field trip, and exposure for Long Point Eco-Adventures