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Hometown Brew Co. SeaCan

In April of 2019, Hometown Brew Co. built it's top of the line microbrewery in the resort's old zip-lining caves. To compliment the beer production, the Hometown Boys decided to open their taps to the public, and develop the SeaCan viewing deck. Picnic tables, lawn games, and beach-side decor re-creates the ultimate summer scene, in addition to the marshview landscape.
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  • Hours of Operation

    Retail & Sea-Can Hours

    Follow @hometownbrewco or @longpointecoadv to find out when the retail beer shop will open at Long Point Eco-Adventures Marshview Patio. 

  • Merchandise
    During our hours of operation, guests are able to purchase exclusive Hometown gear from the Seacan beer deck. View the Hometown Brew Co. online store at https://www.hometownbrew.com/shop/ for more merchandise options. 
  • Directions to the Seacan

  • Live Music
    Follow @Hometownbrewco on social media for updates on the live music calendar! They are hoping to bring musicians back to the Sea-Can for the end of July; stay tuned!

Craft Beer Varieties

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    A light bodied and Session-able Belgian Ale with a malty sweet finish, and slight hints of an American Wheat. It has a clear, golden pour, with a light malty nose. An easy drinking ale that embodies the crispness of a lager, yet captures the sweetness of an ale.
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    A crisp & refreshing classic light lager with premium, Canadian ingredients. 
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    A classic Wit Bier brewed with 100% organic ingredients. Think Kronenbourg Blanc and Erdinger: hazy yellow in colour, with undertones of impeccable sweetness...Let's not forget about all the of health benefits associated with going fully organic. The wild wheat is our summer in a can.
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    Eccentric spice characteristics from the yeast accompany a light malt sweetness in every pour.  Crisp herbal hop character, fresh local blueberries, and high effervescence create a fresh and vibrant beer for all.