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About the Event

MAY 15th-17th, 2022

Join Indigenous naturalist Emily Porter, photography guru Phil McRoberts, and adventurer Robin Tapley for this exclusive event! Are you ready to explore the ecologically diverse birding scene in Long Point? Robin, Phil & Emily will lead participants through a variety of info sessions on and off site. Continue reading for a full list of sessions included in this experience:

Hoots and Havarti  - A wine and cheese mixer with an introduction to the importance of storytelling in Indigenous societies.
Owl Prowl - An evening forest walk with an opportunity to learn and engage with amazing nocturnal animals.
Early bird Eagle Watch - An early morning bird adventure to experience local birds and learn about the significance of hawks and eagles.
Clan Walk and Talk - An informative session explaining the clan system of the Haudensaunee, with a focus on the Heron and Crane clans.
Bird Studies Canada Visit  - Walk about and explore the dynamic ecosystems in Norfolk County. There will be plenty of photo taking opportunities & sightseeing. 
Spring Night Sky Astronomy - Exploring and and understanding the spring night sky, from a modern science and an Indigenous perspectives.
Photography Tips - An informative session sharing best practices and strategies for photographing birds and other wildlife.



About the Experts

Emily Porter, Indigenous Naturalist and Adventurer
Emily is an Indigenous naturalist and adventurer from the Six Nations Indian Reserve, where her family roots come from the Iroquois Confederacy, or Haudensaunee. Emily’s family clan is the deer, who is characterized as an “intuitive leader”. Much like the deer she is agile, perceptive, and a natural and inspiring trailblazer. 

Emily grew up immersed in the Carolinian forest, or as she knew it, her backyard. Emily learned how to interact with the environment through the values she was taught by the Elders, and she continued to uphold this knowledge as her passions for exploration and adventure expanded. Through these teachings Emily has developed a unique connection to the Canadian landscape and truly rich experiences in her outdoor pursuits. 

Emily is now sharing the knowledge and stories of her culture to provide a unique interpretation of the natural world. Emily believes that interpretation from an Indigenous perspective connects the history of the land to modern day Canada and is the foundation to facilitating an authentic relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

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The Event Package

MAY 15th-17th, 2022
Starting  $454 / person

This is a 2 night, 3 day event, that includes lodging, food and birding info sessions.

Included in the price:

  • 2 night stay in one of our glamping pods, with a continental breakfast each morning
  • $50 gift card to the Marshview Patio
  • A picnic lunch on the Marshview Patio
  • Attendance to all birding events, between May 15th-17th



The Location

Join us in beautiful Norfolk County, a birding. hotspot, at the Long Point Eco-Adventures Resort.

Long Point Eco-Adventures

1730 Front Rd, 
St. Williams, ON N0E1P0



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