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Long Point Observatory

Located in one of the darkest points in Southern Ontario, the Long Point Observatory is Canada's newest public astronomical observatory. Our 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is capable of revealing celestial objects 10,000 times fainter than the faintest objects visible to the naked eye!

Stargazing Tour

A complete hands-on astronomy and telescope experience, viewing planets, nebulas and distant galaxies.

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$21/youth (must be accompanied by an adult)

Romance Under the Stars

Tour the Burning Kiln Winery vineyard, and try their award-winning wines, have a gourmet dinner prepared by David's On Tour*, then take a tour of the sky at the Long Point observatory. 

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A Complete Astronomy Experience

From an orientation to the stars up on our observation deck to hands on viewing of distant planets, nebulas and galaxies through a telescope identical to those used for public viewing at the largest mountain-top research observatories in North America, the Long Point observatory offers the visitor a complete astronomy experience unlike anything previously available in Ontario.

The Observation Deck

Over three stories high, the observation deck on Long Point Observatory overlooks Long Point Bay allowing unobstructed views of the entire sky. View a plethora of cosmic sights including:

  • Moons of Jupiter
  • Rings of Saturn
  • Orion Nebula
  • Galaxies 100 million light years away
  • Tattered remains of supernovas
  • Celestial maternity wards of newborn stars
  • Clusters of stars as old as the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Craters on our moon that seem just out of reach

The views are spectacular… come and see for yourself!

What to Bring…

The actual observatory and classroom are both indoors, however the connecting tower and observation deck are outdoors and the observatory itself is not heated (to keep the telescope from fogging up) so ensure you wear weather appropriate clothing!

You should bring:

  • Closed-toe shoes for the trails around the site (preferably running or hiking)
  • Flashlight or headlamp for around the site (a red light reduces glare and does not harm night vision)
  • Bug repellent
  • Camera