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At Long Point Eco-Adventures, we pride ourselves on our experiences. All of our experiences are fully guided, as we believe a fun, knowledgable, safety-conscious guide makes each experience the uniquely amazing adventure that it is!

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Honey bee apiary tour

Put on a Beekeeping suit and come check out the Eco Bees with Vanessa! In this program, we will head over to the apiary to have an up-close look at the hives. Participants will be introduced to the world of honey bees and what it’s like to be a beekeeper. Guests will learn the inner workings of the beehive and how every bee has an important role to keep the colony thriving. And of course, there will also be honey tasting! Guests get to try a variety of honey and other by-products of the hive!

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$38/Youth (5-17)

Details & What to Bring

Equipment Required:
We will provide:
• Protective bee suit
• Gloves
Please Bring/Wear:
• Closed-toe shoes, boots are best
• Clothing for varying weather/ temperatures
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Water
• Camera or Smartphone (take a picture with the bees!)
All participants must sign a waiver prior to participating in this tour. This tour is weather dependant (the bees don't like to play in the rain!)

school and corporate apiary tours available - please inquire