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Meeting Facilitators

We have our own in-house facilitators and guest speakers to ensure your retreat is as productive as it is fun.

Dan Barker and Annyse Balwill offer 2 unique styles of business facilitation and keynote speaking. Each coming from different backgrounds, they offer discovery calls to learn about your group and give their honest opinion as to whether their style and background is a fit.

Dan barker

Our in-house facilitator offers numerous options on-site.

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Customized Professionally Facilitated Workshops
dan low rez
Let our in house facilitator design and facilitate a workshop combining experiential learning, hands on workshop activities and motivational messages to help your group achieve your meeting goals. Dan Barker has designed and delivered training sessions, workshops, and key note addresses to teams and leaders at all levels across Canada for the past 16 years. With a focus on leadership skills, team building and coaching, Dan's workshops have included strategic planning, conflict resolution, creating a culture of service excellence, change management and building an engaged organization to name but a few.

The Approach
Personal consultation with Dan in advance of your event will ensure that your workshop is customized to your organizational culture and will meet the outcomes desired by your team. The workshop will be a combination of experiential learning exercises to help individuals understand their current culture. Building on this learning, a number of facilitated activities will lead your group to action plans based on the topics you wish to explore. Wrapping up the session will be motivational messages that build on the workshop themes.

Take Aways
The experiential learning will strengthen your team's agility in dealing with personal and organizational change and set the framework for a more engaged organization. Your group will leave the workshop with a concrete action plan and strategies to enhance your teams capacity to deal with the issues you identified in your pre-workshop consultation. Dan's wealth of real life leadership experiences in the form of his "Life Lessons from a Danosaur" allows participants to add to their personal toolkit of leadership competencies and habits.

  • Over 25 years of management experience in the Public Sector
  • Extensive experience in training manager’s and leaders of all levels, with a focus on leadership skills, team building, coaching,
  • Certified coach and mentor
  • Trained in mediation and conflict resolution
  • Experienced in personality profile analysis and application
  • Conducted workshops and acted as a keynote speaker for Federal, Provincial and Municipal Organizations
  • Dan has held his audiences captive for many years with his ability to combine leadership skills with his vast personal experiences by relating real life anecdotes that bring theoretical models to life.
  • Dan’s facilitation style effectively combines academic theoretical material, with personal insights and experiential learning exercises that form a workshop that his audiences can learn from and apply to their environment.
  • Dan’s warmth, sincerity and great sense of humour enable him to relate and capture the hearts of his audience.

Testimonials for Dan Barker

“Using his skills at our symposium, Dan challenged a room full of business people to focus and collaborate within a small window of time. The process was fun and the results were enlightening. Dan’s approach was a very productive use of our time. “ - Clark Hoskin, Manager Tourism and Economic Development, Norfolk County

“Dan is a born teacher with a very special ability to inspire others through his storytelling and participant centred facilitation skills. Dan facilitated many sessions for leaders and teams in our organization and his impact on participants is instant and powerful. I have always been amazed of how he can make leaders eyes shine with the possibilities that he helps them see for themselves. He is a five star facilitator!” - Nathalie Dugas, Director, Service Canada College, Government of Canada.

Annyse Balkwill

Read, in Annyse's own words, the benefits of her facilitation.

More info on Annyse...

Annyse Balkwill HeadshotThe Big Picture

Annyse Balkwill is the President and Founder of The LuminUS Group where she offers facilitation services that bring great clarity, compassion and simple frameworks to address a variety of complex challenges and issues. She specializes in creating a space where participants feel safe enough to share their wisdom.

It is her belief that most organizations, including the leadership teams, only tap into a very small percentage of the deep wisdom within their organization. We are not well practiced at creating environments that tend to all learning styles and allow for the wisdom of the collective to emerge. Annyse uses simple frameworks and methods that have immediate impact and when used over time nourish an environment where sharing continues and grows.

By focusing on important business issues at hand;
❖ strategic planning
❖ creative brainstorming
❖ collaboration
❖ strengthening relationships

Annyse will guide you in a manner that will help to dissolve invisible barriers that are holding the organization back from reaching its full potential. Her experience and knowledge will support you to create meaningful conversations where leadership emerges, accountability increases and creativity and innovation flourish.

What makes her unique?
Through mindfully slowing the pace down, Annyse is able to provide time and space so that all participants can be fully present. With this energy set, the group is well prepared to work at deeper levels to create, grow, innovate, listen and share. When there is time and space for all voices (those who choose to share) to be heard at their own time, the potential for meaningful collaboration increases significantly.

Extensive and diverse experience over Annyse’s career contributes to her clear, concise and compassionate way of facilitating the whole person. She is a licensed professional chemical and biochemical engineer who graduated from the University of Western Ontario. She worked in the water treatment industry for over 11 years as a Global Product Manager with GE Water & Process Technologies. In addition to managing several product lines over their product and project cycles, she facilitated workshops and meaningful conversations all over the world with clients, customers, colleagues, and leaders from all different backgrounds. She is a certified Genuine Contact Facilitator and Trainer. She is also a certified yoga instructor.

Taking all of her personal and professional experience, Annyse has developed a unique voice and a call for more of us to move from our expert selves to our leader selves. She focuses on moving from a way of ‘doing’ to a more holistic way of ‘being’. This journey is about learning to consciously co-create a life nurturing environment where everyone in the organization can truly thrive.

A few things you can look forward to when working with Annyse:
● To have fun
● To sit in a circle
● To talk about matters in a way that holds great meaning
● To hear truth from different perspectives
● To challenge assumptions
● To be an active and highly valued participant
● To co-create and experience a life-nurturing environment defined by behaviours including: trusting, listening, sharing, clarifying, understanding,
● To have maximum freedom and maximum choice about how you personally choose to contribute and participate
● To learn so much more than you thought you were going to learn
● To be heard
● To breathe fully
● To practice being fully present
● To co-create whatever it is the group is there to work on (ie. Vision, Purpose, Meaningful and useful action plans to achieve the vision or goal)
● To be surprised

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